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I had unprotected oral sex My pee began burning a

Patient: I had unprotected oral sex. My pee began burning a few weeks later so I went to a clinic to get a rectal swab and a urine test. A few days prior to the urine test I took some left over Ceftin (Cefuroxime) which I know does not treat Chlamydia effectively. All my test results came back negative. My pee was still burning so I went to an urgent clinic they performed a urine dip and told me I had a mild infection. My question is would Ceftin mask a positive result for chlamydia?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Firstly there may not be a chlamydia infection at all, it could j ust be an E.COLI or , UREAPLASMA INFECTION, which would have been partially treated with cefuroxime and hence urine test would have come negative but as the course was not completed hence the infection returned. You need togged a urethral swab culture and sensitivity done isolate the causative organism and its sensitivity pattern to drugs to get a sensitive drug prescribed for a complete course of 7 days and get treated.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: I am 22 year old male so it just seems uncommon for me to have any type of infection in my urinary tract not caused by an STD. I am erythromycin right now from the urgent clinic so would that even work? So are you saying Ceftin would not most likely affect the STD urine test I took for chlamydia?

Doctor: Helo,
It definitely can affect chlamydia if its sensitive to cefuroxime in your case and can easily decrease the load which is detectable in urine test but since course was not completed so probably didn’t turn out to be bactericidal completely and hence recurrence would have brought the burning back. ERYTHROMYCIN is not the choice of drug but AZITHROMYCIN 1000mg stat is the Drug of choice.

Patient: Hello. I went to an STD clinic today and the doctor told me that me taking Cefuroxime a couple days before the urine test would not have caused it to give me a false negative. They refused to treat me. Can you comment on this please?

Doctor: DID you get a urine culture done or a simple routine microscopy for urine? Because if culture negative then they will not treat you even if symptomatic.


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