I had unprotected sex a few times lately and the

Patient: I had unprotected sex a few times lately and the most recent time was 3 days ago. We also used the pull out method. I got my period about 2 weeks ago but just yesterday and today I have brown and bright red spotting. I have a very irregular period. It sometimes takes a month to come, and sometimes takes 6 months. I’ve researched and read that it is an early symptom of pregnancy. What are the chances that I am pregnant, how do I find out if I am, and what should I do? I am really not ready for a kid, so my boyfriend and I worried and know now not too make the same mistake again. Thanks for any help!

Symptoms: Spotting, slight back ache

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern. Intermenstrual spotting can be seen during ovulation or in ot her days due to gonadal hormonal imbalance. During early pregnancy also spotting can be seen due to implantation, growing gestational sac etc.Other possible causes are local causes like cervical erosion, polyp, thyroid hormonal abnormalities etc. Usually urine pregnancy test can give accurate result after one week of expected date of periods.As you are not using contraception better to go for urine pregnancy test now.If test gives negative result and if you do not get next periods even one week after expected date, please repeat urine pregnancy test.If pregnancy test gives negative result and Intermenstrual spotting persists, better to consult your doctor and get evaluated.Take care