I had unprotected sex and caught chlamydia or gonorrhea I

Patient: I had unprotected sex and caught chlamydia or gonorrhea. I took all the antibiotics as prescribed. I followed up 10 days later with urethra irritation. Dr. prescribed pyridium for 2 days. I took that and now 24 hrs later the symptoms of urethra are back. I am going to back and see Dr. What else could it be and is it contagious?

Symptoms: Slight discomfort in penis and lower abdominal area. No lesions, No swollen testacies, No swollen lymph nodes, No penile discharge. I have to pee a lot

Doctor: Hi.Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.I have gone through your question in detail and understand you r concerns.Please find my observation below:- According to your history you have contracted chlamydia or gonorrhea. Well this is not yet confirmed whether it is chlamydia or gonorrhea.- However, as you told that you have taken all the appropriate antibiotics that should have been subsided by now.- Now you have urethral irritation which is not being relieved by pyridium. Also, you are saying that you have to pee a lot, this indicates that you have some sort of UTI ( Urinary tract infection ).- Ideally a urine examination is done to confirm UTI, and if it is UTI then you will have to take an antibiotic course for that.- I would request you to see your Doctor and get your urine examination done to rule out UTI.- Till then, see that you drink plenty of oral fluids, do not indulge in any kind of unprotected sex.Hope I have answered your question in detail.Wish you good health.Take care.