I had unprotected sex but my boyfriend didn’t ejaculate inside me.

Patient: I had unprotected sex but my boyfriend didn’t ejaculate inside me… I took the pill anyway to be safe. 5 days later, i started getting some dark brown spotting/bleeding & cramps.. my period still wasn’t due for three weeks…it felt like my period but very mild. That day we had sex with a condom (we drank and the alcohol stopped the bleeding) we used a condom to be safe but it broke… luckily my boyfriend pulled out anyway but I’m still not sure. I was too scared to take the morning after pill AGAIN as i know its not good with all the hormones & i didn’t wanna mess with my body… I was thinking that because i was bleeding & had my ‘period’ it was unlikely i could be pregnant? I was still bleeding two days after the incident… After reading through forums though im a little worried. Its been two weeks since i took the pill and my boobs feel noticeably swollen & tender… I’m really worried that the second time got me pregnant. because I was bleeding when i did have sex is it unlikely i could be? Or is it still possible seeing as it wasn’t my actual period… its too early to take a pregnancy test because my ‘actual’ period isnt due for two weeks… Just looking for anyone thats had a similar situation?

Symptoms: Swollen tender breasts, bloating

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The second time you had sex, you were experiencing your withdra wal bleed following the pill intake which is seen after 5-7 days generally and ensures that there is endometrial shed and start of a fresh cycle. So, even if there may have been an ejaculation there wouldn’t be any ovum to fertilise and even if there would have been an ovulation from the previous cycle, still implantation will not occur as you were menstruating. So in both cases, there are no chances of pregnancy and you were correct in your decision of not repeating the pill.The soreness after 2 weeks post bleeding now could be due to ovulation time and that is normal. If you are still not convinced then you may undertake a blood-based serum beta HCG test which can be taken earliest after 8 days post last intercourse. If the HCG levels are less than 3IU, then you are surely not pregnant.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards