I had unprotected sex in March and took Plan B

Patient: I had unprotected sex in March and took Plan B. A few days later, I had bleeding and thought it was my period, and I had unprotected sex again and did not take Plan B this time. I went to the doctor to get birth control and she advised me to wait 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test and then begin the birth control if negative. The test was negative and I started taking the birth control, but I have completed the first full month of birth control and still have not gotten my period. My start date was supposed to be April 11th for my last period. I have not had a period since mid-March. Is this normal after taking Plan B, or should I be concerned that I could still possibly be pregnant (I took 3 tests at 3 different times, all of which were negative)?




Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.The chances of you being pregnant are very low. Please see a Doctor to take a USG to con firm if you are pregnant.Also, you can talk to the Doctor about your irregular periods. They will do a hormone assay and determine how your body is coping.Hope this helps you. All the best.

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