I had unprotected sex on the 17th of this month

Patient: I had unprotected sex on the 17th of this month. I was supposed to start my period the 22nd but I started it a couple days ago. The first day the blood was really dark almost black the second day it was more normal but today it’s like it’s really light. I have had what feels like cramps since the day after I had sex when normally I only get cramps the first day of my period then they are gone. I took an at home pregnancy test on Friday but it was negative. Is there a chance I could be pregnant and it was just too soon to take the test?

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.I have gone through your question in detail and understood y our concerns.Please find my observations below:> According to your history, you had unprotected sex on 17th of this month, and you were supposed to get you periods on 22nd, but it started earlier than that. Usually unprotected sex results in pregnancy, but the occurrence of period in your case indicates that pregnancy may not be possible, as if one becomes pregnant, the period usually does not starts.> However we can not be so sure of this by just depending on periods. Also you did home pregnancy test very early. The ideal time to do a home pregnancy test is when you miss your periods a particular month, after 7 days of missed period, the home pregnancy test is done.> To conclude I would advise you to wait for your next periods. If you miss your next period, then 7 days after the expected date, you can do home pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy. That would be reliable.> If waiting for the next period seems long to you, you can go for a blood test to check the levels of BETA-HCG, it can tell you whether you are pregnant or not. You can perform this test right now and you do not have to wait for your next periods for this test.Hope I have answered your question in detail.Wish you good health.Take care.