I had unprotected sex on wed And On Wednesday I supposed to start my period pills. Or so i start my regular pills one day early?

Patient: I had unprotected sex on wed. And On Wednesday I guess I thought I was supposed to start my period pills. So I took one of those. Comes to find out that I skipped an entire active pill on wed and skipped right to Thursday. But I didn’t notice that i missed an active pill till I took my Friday pill instea of my Thursday pill. So on Thursday I took my wed and fri pill. So not only did I accidently miss a pill, I accidently took one more then I was supposed to. Pregnant? Or do I continue my pills regularly and start my pack a day earlier

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If you are using birth control pill pack containing 21 tabl ets with the same dosage of hormones, taking one tablet on other day may not cause any major difference.Taking one tablet extra may not also lead to any major problem.From next day onwards you can continue taking tablets regularly as per the schedule.If you are using birth control pills with different doses of hormones like triphasic pills, better to use some additional method of contraception like condoms for one week along with continuation of the pills.If you take tablets without missing the possibility of pregnancy is less.Take care.