I had unprotected sex the day my period ended

Patient: I had unprotected sex the day my period ended and he pulled out but I realized when I got home that I had missed 2 of my active pills but took them as soon as I remembered and I’m back on track with my pills. But I have sore breasts right now, and I get my period in 2 weeks. It’s been 6 days since I had sex. Could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,It only takes one sperm, and that amount is deposited in you long before he ejaculates. You need to protect yourself better than you are. There is a possibility of pregnancy, sure. It is hard to know when you are ovulating and it is possible to be ending your period and ovulating again. If you don’t wish to get pregnant, then you should get yourself on some kind of birth control.Go for a preg test if you miss your periods. Using a condom is always recommended. Pills usually affect the hormones and the menstrual cycle. Sometimes they also delay your periods. But as you are on your birth control pill chances of getting pregnant are less.Hope this helps. Wish you good health.