I had unprotected sex, using te pull out method I

Patient: I had unprotected sex, using te pull out method. I am on birth control but forgot it that night and only took one pill like normal the next day, and then forgot another pill, and again took one pill like normal the day after another was forgotten. It was the first week of pills, and we did have sex very shortly after the first time was finished, with in an hour, again pull out method again, I know pre ejaculation already has some sperm in it but would it have even more since we had sex a second time? Is this really raising my chances of pregnancy?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Though you are on birth control pills, there is a chance of pregnancy as you have misse d two pills and delayed the interval time. Although you have taken the pills the next day on remembering them, it still matters and can increase the failure rate of the contraception.Do a pregnancy test after 14 days of the last menstrual cycle. Consult a gynecologist for further help accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards