November 18, 2018

I hav done my first bhcg test on 23rd

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Patient: I hav done my first bhcg test on 23rd feb 15 the range was 0. 45 and done my second bchg test on 3 rd march and the range was 4.68.. doctor told me to take miprogen tablet for more 5 days nd askd me give test again.. whether there s chance for praganancy

Doctor: Hello,Thanks fro the query.If there has been a rise in the hCG levels on two different occasions then it does rai se a suspicion of pregnancy as the levels are more than 1. Hence, progesterone support has been given to support pregnancy if present and a repeat hCG is ordered to look for a rise in hCG again to confirm the diagnosis. if the next test is again higher, then pregnancy exists and the location has to be ascertained by an ultrasound, either an intrauterine or an ectopic.Hope this helps.Regards

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