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I have a 07×05×08 testicular heterogeneo

Patient: I have a 0.7×0.5×0.8 testicular heterogeneous mass.. should i be worried? what should i do next



Symptoms: Testicular mass



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.In most cases, the heterogeno us mass is present in cases of seminoma or the germ cell tumor that arises from the testes.I will advise you to talk to a urologist who can also physically examine in you person, and if required perform a biopsy on the lesion. The size is still very small, hence, there is a possibility it can be from previous infections or hydrocele.Heterogeneity in most cases indicate that the mass is filled with different types of cells, and that’s what raises the suspicion of cancer. So, please talk to an urologist and most probably a biopsy will be suggested for further evaluation.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: thank you. i have seen a urologist but at the moment he has been ubreachable. i had another ultrasound done a few days ago and blood work. all reports have come back as follows:
ultrasound- left testis measures 4.5×1.7×2.3. there is mixed echogenicity mass seen in the left testicle. this measures 1.1×0.6×0.4 cm this shows mixed echogenicity with areas of increased and decreased echogenicity. the mass is exophytic infiltrate beyond the margin of the testicle. there is no evisence of testicular torsion. there is slight hyperemia around the mass. . the left epididymus is unremarkable.
scrotum: left varicocele is noted.
beta-hcg serum: value

Doctor: Hello,
Mixed echogenicity could be due to some previous infection. Last time you mentioned heterogenous which was in favor of seminoma, but this report is more in favour of epididymo-orchitis.
What about the beta-hcg value?
It still has to be physically examined by an urologist for confirmation,


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