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I have a bone/cartilage area in my chest that I

Patient: I have a bone/cartilage area in my chest that I can feel. Its about two inches below my nipples and is off centered to the right side, the opposite side of the heart. I can feel it more laying down and if I move my legs up then you can really feel it. Is this just a bone. It seems rather prominent and odd its off center. Its round and about 1.5 -2 inches around



Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query, read and understood your elucidate history barring the age and the sex.May I please know a few more details before I can give you detailed opinion.- What is your age and sex (not mentioned above) ?- What do you do?- Any history of trauma/accident in the past?- Is the swelling fixed; not moving at all?-Does it pain on pressure?- Since when is it present ?Well, as per the description you have provided, this is the site of the costal cartilage and can become prominent due to inflammation.Rest of the discussion after your feedback please.



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Patient: 36 white male. Sell insurance for a living. No trama or accidents. No pain just an annoyance. Noticed it years ago on accident. Dont move. Really does seem like cardilage. Asked dr and he quickly shrugged it off as xiphoid process but didnt seem so to me.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
This is exactly the area of the costal cartilages wherein the floating ribs are attached to the sternum- This is made of cartilages for them to be mobile in every person, but has become prominent in you due to costochondritis.
Xiphoid is always in the center.


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