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I have a bump on the vulva that I can only feel not see.

Patient: I have a bump on the vulva that I can only feel and not see. Is it an std? I’ve only slept with one guy and he doesn’t have any stds, but we’re not exclusive, so he might have one and not know. But we always use condoms. Can I sleep with him on Sunday if I’m getting it checked out on Monday? If it’s an std, it would have to be from him. Also, hopefully you say it probably isn’t.



Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.It is always better to avoid an intercourse until a diagnosis is established. The chan ce of the bump being an std exists, although you cannot see it.However, it may turn out to be non std as well. Although you suspect that the infection could have been from your partner and no one else, we cannot be hundred percent sure about the fact that he is not infective or not harboring any std. He too needs a std work up to be on the safer side and to begin early treatment if he has multiple sexual partners. There is nothing to worry, it is always better to undergo the tests and get things confirmed in you.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: So what should I tell him? I am a little nervous to bring this up, since we have had plans to meet for a while. I will either have to tell him in a text or I will have to tell him in person when he is looking forward to sex. I don’t want to scare him, so I want to tell him the right way. Also, what stds typically have bumps that you cannot see? Would it be an early stage of one that you can see? And are there ways of contracting stds without having sex with someone who has one?

Doctor: Hello.
Most of the std in early stage do not present with visible lesions. The modes of contraction could be touch, contamination of fingers with the organisms, salivary contact from mouth etc.
You could tell him that you are not well and meet him later..


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