I have a constant stuffed nose all year around, am I allergic to dust mites?

Patient: Ok so I’m not really sure if i have an allergy or not but, it ALWAYS feels like my nose is stuffed. My nose dosnt run and I don’t sneeze to much (twice a day at most) my nose and eyes sometimes itch. And this happens all year round, I was wondering if I could be allergic to dust mites?? I don’t know, help!!!

Symptoms: Stuffed nose (really annoying)

Doctor: Chronic blocked nose is commonly seen due to intra-nasal polyposis or Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS). Although, nasal polyp s may occur due to long standing nasal allergies, DNS is a defect present since childhood. You should visit an ENT Specialist for proper clinical evaluation and diagnosis. In case allergy is confirmed, you may visit an Allergy Specialist for ‘Allergy Skin Prick Test- Environmental Panel’ to know the cause of your allergy (Dust Mites or others). This will help your Allergy Doctor to formulate a customized therapy for effective management of your allergy symptoms. It is advised that you get your clinical work up done at the earliest to avoid further ENT or chest complications.