I have a crazy questionFor the past week I can’t

Patient: I have a crazy question.For the past week I can’t tilt my head forward, If I tilt my head forward I feel like I am being shocked down my spine & my right arm. I have also been seeing white dots out of my right eye. Please tell me What this could be & If & what kind of Doctor I need to see. Thankyou Danica Strain

Symptoms: Shock down spine & right arm. & Seeing spots.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your question and an elucidate history.The history of getting pain down the spine and right arm a nd dots in eye on bending down is a classical example of cervical spondilitis with neurological and vascular compromise.I would advise urgent MRI and angiography of the cervical spine and consulting the Neurosurgeon for clinical evaluation and surgery if required.Hope this helps you. All the best.