I have a cut on my penis that required 5

Patient: I have a cut on my penis that required 5 stitches. I know I need to avoid erections I am taking Advil for the pain. My problem is when I sleep I was waken by the pain of a erection. Is there anything I can buy to lower my chance or stop from getting an erection. I can’t see my doctor until Monday I hate to call the service or go to the ER if I can avoid it because it so embarrassing

Symptoms: Cut on penis

Doctor: Hi.Noted you history of have stitched cut ion the penis that causes problems on erection.Advil only can control t he pain and not the erections.You need to take Amitriptyline in full dosage and you need a prescription from any Doctor available to you. Take at the bedtime so that you can have less or no erection.I hope this answer helps you.