I have a droopy eyelid, not bad but blurred vision,

Patient: I have a droopy eyelid, not bad but blurred vision, trouble chewing

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.The symptoms you have mentioned are seen in myasthenia gravis or s ome muscular dystrophy.Kindly consult a neurologist and ophthalmologist and get a detailed evaluation done to get a good diagnosis and appropriate management.Here are the tests you would probably undergo:-enzyme tests—blood is tested for enzymes released by damaged musclesgenetic testing—blood is tested for genetic markers for muscular dystrophyelectromyography—an electrode needle is inserted into a muscle to test the muscle’s electrical activitymuscle biopsy—a sample of the muscle is tested for muscular dystrophy.Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody— a blood test for the abnormal antibodies can be performed to see if they are present. Approximately 85% of MG patients have this antibody and, when detected with an elevated concentration the AChR antibody test is strongly indicative of MG.OfficeTests—Sleep, Ice Pack and Edrophonium tests are examinations performed by specialists to evaluate an improvement in strength that may be consistent with MG.Hope this helps. Take care.