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I have a Eosinophils count of 950 what

Patient: I have a Eosinophils count of 9.50 what do you think of this number?



Symptoms: I don’t know any at the moment



Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryI understand you have a marginally raised eosinophil count and you are currently asympto matic.The most common cause of raised eosinophils is worm infestation of the intestine, I recommend you get dewormed with Tab Albendazole 400mg one single tablet. Re check your eosinophil count after 4 weeks of deworming.The other common cause is respiratory allergy seen in asthamatics but these patients will often be symptomaticI hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to me regards

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Patient: what would i get worms from?

Patient: would you have symptoms with worms? what kind of worms and from what? i have bad acid reflux issues

Doctor: Thanks for writing back with an update.
– Well let me clarify you about the normal levels of Eosinophils in blood and Absolute Eosinophil count.
– Eosinophils blood (%): 0.0-6.0 (This range may vary slightly in different laboratories.)
– Absolute Eosinophil blood count : 30-350.
– According to your previous query, your Eosinophil count is 9.50, which is marginally raised, but absolute Eosinophil count of 0.64 according to you is out of the normal range. Please check the value once again.
– However coming to your question, you can get worms from either consumption of contaminated food or by drinking contaminated water.
– Usually individuals with worm infestations are generally asymptomatic, but we can see loss of appetite, vague abdominal pain, loss of weight in some individuals.
– The worms may be hookworms like Ancylostoma duodenale, Necator americanus etc.
– Please follow my earlier advice.
– Also see that you avoid eating outside food and water.
– Wash your hands properly with soap and water before eating and wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly with plain water before consuming.
All the best.
Good luck.

Patient: I have acid reflux also

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back
Acid reflux unrelated to the eosinophil count, it is a separate issue all by itself.
Here is what you should do for acid reflux
1. Do not sleep immediately after dinner, stay upright for 2 hours
2. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tea.
3. Tab Omeprazole 20 mg once a day on an empty stomach is ideal for reflux. If it persists then domperidone mg will help however this will require a prescription
4. Avoid bending exercises
I hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to me
I wish you good health

Patient: I was told that worms are very unlikely. It seems The Eosinophil has been going up slowly since 2013. was at 2 then 5 now 9.50. I was w told that if the Esophagus is inflamed it can cause this number to go up from gerd.?

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back
GERD can cause an increase in eosinophils, any inflammation can cause a rise in eosinophils. Please get an Absolute eosinophil count to confirm your counts to come to a better conclusion

Patient: I have taken Prilosec and had my blood pressure go really high.

Patient: Here is a test i had done.

Patient: 0.64 i mentioned earlier was the absolute count

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back
I have been informed that your follow ups have exceeded. I will not be able to see your report. I think you will have to open a new query for that

Patient: I’m not satisfied at all! i been told about 5 different things.

Doctor: Hi
I am sorry that you are confused. Let me summarise this for you
1. Increased eosinophils is most often seen with stomach worms. Our institute deworms all patients with increased eosinophils since it’s a simple 1 tablet with good safety profile
2. GERD can also cause increase in eosinophils but it this is less common.
3. You will have to get an absolute eosinophil count in order to know your exact number for further management.


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