I have a feeling right in the centre of my

Patient: I have a feeling right in the centre of my chest, not like a flutter but like a really heavy weight flutter & uncomfortable feeling both sides of my throat. I was out drinking last night, I’m overweight, had 4 coffees today, a diet coke & jalapeño peppers. No joking but could these be the cause or something more serious?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of drinking last night and variety of things like coff ee, diet coke etc.Now you have a feeling of heavy flutter in the center of the chest and uncomfortable feeling on both sides of the throat.To decide the severity of the problem you have to get this clinically evaluated, examined and investigated if required.I think you may need a course of an antibiotic, antacid, PPI, anti-inflammatory as per the clinical evaluation.You have to avoid all the foods and beverages which can cause such problems.