I have a femoral hernia I did not get my

Patient: I have a femoral hernia. I did not get my hernia from working out or overweight. (I weigh 96 pounds and 5’0 tall) I got it from my dad’s family side because most of them had history with hernia. I am a cheerleader, and I am supposed to do jumps and stunts where I’m the one who gets lifted up in the air.. We also work out our core and legs with workouts such as squats, lunges and sit-ups.. I’ve been doing squats for a long time even way before I joined the cheer team because I love working out, but I do stop when it starts hurting. I’ve also had my hernia for 4 years because my parents don’t want me to get surgery.. My cheer team knows that I have a hernia, therefore they want me to confirm whether it is safe for me to do all the exercises that we need to do.. Is it safe for me to stay in the cheer team? And to become a flyer? And to work out when I want to? This is also my first time in cheer, but it wasn’t my first sports.. I was a basketball player and a captain in the team in the past..

Symptoms: Pain on my upper thigh on the right side