I have a form of OCD called dermatillomania, therefore I

Patient: I have a form of OCD called dermatillomania, therefore I pick my nails horribly. but never in my whole life have I seen something like this and it’s scaring me. I have devoloped a red watery and fleshy looking bump/sore on my side cuticle. it is red and wet and hurts really bad! I picked it to where it started bleeding so I put some antibiotic cream on it and a bandaid. 10 hours later I take of the band aid to find this

I have a form of OCD called...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of OCD called dermatillomania.Well, the results are evident that you have eaten away a nice chunk of the lateral aspect of the tissues near the nails.Seen the picture you have provided after you removed the band-aid.I would advise you the following looking at the history and the picture.-First of all complete your booster of tetanus toxoid.-Clean the wound occasionally and dress less frequently so the at epiththelisation, a process by which the new tissue grow is give n a chance to grow and get anchored well onto the wound.- Since this is a finger, it is worthwhile to take an antibiotics orally to.- At the same time you have to continue the treatment.I hope this answer helps you.