I have a history of kidney stones Im having localized

Patient: I have a history of kidney stones. Im having localized lower to mid back pain without fever. The pain is about a 6 out of 10. Im unsure whether this is constipation or pain from a passing stone. What should I do?

Symptoms: Low to mid back pain. Feels like it could be constipation. Unsure

Doctor: Hi.Noted your history of pain in the mid to lower back and history of known stones in the urinary system, high bloo d pressure and slight Insulin resistance.IF you are suspecting constipation, does this mean that you have hard stools or difficulty in passing motion; if not then this is not related to intestinal system.It looks more to be due to problem in the kidney or the stone impacted in the ureter.Or can be local problem with muscles of the lower back.I would advise you to check with the Doctor for clinical evaluation and examination and fresh X-ray for KUB and thoracolumbar spine and ultrasonography.The treatment will depend upon the probable diagnosis.Till then you may take Ibuprofen with PPI and plenty of oral fluids.