I have a horrible, sharp, pain in my left side

Patient: I have a horrible, sharp, pain in my left side (side, below my rib) I have been having flu-like symptoms the last few days as well (NO fever though). I was wondering if this pain is anything I should be worried about or what it may possibly be at all.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.As you have had flu-like symptoms, in case of a severe cough, it can cause pain around the ribs. The other causes could be a muscle pull due to sudden exertion like lifting or heavy weights, jumping, jolting, etc. We may also have to rule out gastritis which causes such discomfort. Drink plenty of water and keep your diet bland. Also, avoid spicy food and oily food. You may take antacids for relief and also see a doctor for an examination. If the pain does not subside, analgesics like paracetamol or any muscle relaxant may help untile you see the doctor.Hope this helped.Regards