I have a lump behind each ear and one on

Patient: I have a lump behind each ear and one on my forehead and I get tired and dizzy

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your problem of lumps behind the ears and on the forehead and you get tired and dizzy.Let us sort this out one by one and consider the causes as seen in your age group.The lumps behind the ears are commonly either due to Lymph nodes or sebaceous cysts.The one on the forehead can not be a lymph node as there are none in this area. So this can be due to a cyst or a lipoma.These can be well diagnosed on examination by a General Surgeon and confirmed by ultrasonography and FNAC if required.The Doctor would also see the reason whether the symptoms of your tiredness and dizziness are related to these lumps or have a different reason.I hope this answer helps you to get an early diagnosis and a proper treatment of the problems you have.