I have a mouth ulcer on the top inner tip

Patient: I have a mouth ulcer on the top inner tip. I have been ill lately with a 24 hour bug. I recently got the ulcer could I have done this by picking the skin of my lips when it’s been dry. Thank you

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history. You are suffering from a bug and developed this ulcer on the upper lip.The most probable reasons area:- Aphthous ulcer, this is about 2 to 3 mm, superficial ulcer with red margin and very painful. The exact cause of Aphthous is not known. It is thought due to disturbed gastrointestinal flora and infection of the intestines.The treatment is symptomatic only and with giving multi-vitamins as this is a self-limiting condition.- If the ulcer is long based, on the outer part of the lip, it is due to trauma you might have inflicted inadvertently due to biting or clearing the dead tissue over it. This too does not need much of the treatment other than applying the ointment to keep it wet.- If there is an intestinal infection, you need to take a 5-day course of an antibioticI hope this answers your query well.