I have a new partner We had sex a couple

Patient: I have a new partner. We had sex a couple days later I got bv. I had a urine test done and it showed lactobacillis in my secretions now I have a yeast infection what’s going on?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Since you got BV from your p artner, it is possible that the BV further increases the chances of getting the yeast infection.You need to talk to your partner and get a STD panel tested for confirmation.You also need to start antibiotics for BV, apart from maintaining the local hygiene. A good choice antibiotic would be Tab. Doxycycline 100 mg twice daily for a 7-10 days, based on your physician’s recommendations.For the yeast infection, you can apply Clotrimazole ointment for 5 days. This will reduce the infection.Hope this was helpful,Regards.