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Patient: I have a partial spinal cord injury which causes tone spasticity, went to a phydical medicine rehabilitation dr, who want to check if im retaining urine in my bladder even though I go pee, also wants me to have a kidney blsdder scan to rule out hydronephrosis, I am a worry wort and had a post void test two 1/2 years ago which was fine, I want to know if I might have that hydronephrosis lets say if I had retention after that, im scared, everyone keeps telling me not to worry

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted your history of partial spinal cord injury and the spastici ty, medications you are taking, rehabilitation Dr, and your worry.The great point is that you had a fine post-void tests 2 and half years ago.you are giving the history that you can pee.So why to worry about the hydronephrosis.Hydronephrosis can occur only if either there is some obstruction or if there is back-pressure from reflux from the bladder to the ureters and then to the Kidneys.This is just a routine test for knowing the well-being and avoidable complication.I would advise you to to understand the points, the worry will automatically evaporate.I hope this answers your query.

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Patient: yes but myphysical therapist even mentioned urinary retention even though I go, I even push on my bladder and more comes out and I do it until no more comes out. lets say ive had urinary retention for two years without knowing it, would it still be possible to have hydronephrosis, ive also had 3 uti I two years, I just donèt want my kidneys to have been damaged, my plate is full

Patient: well my physical therapist also said I could possible be having retention because of increased tone and spasticity, I go pee, then I push on bladder more comes out, I do this till no more pee comes out. lets just say if I had retention for two years would I still get kidney damage, im scared, my plate is full

Doctor: Hydronephrosis alone do not damage the kidneys, untreated UTIs can.
How musch are your urea and creatinine / GFR, the Glomerular filtration rate, if these are normal, do not worry.

Patient: dr. you dirst told me to not worry now your saying something about urea and creatinine/gfr test to have im confused now as to what you really think and are you a specialist, sorry but im worried again

Doctor: Oh, I am sorry if I have startled you.
These are just the routine tests related to the kidney functions, if these are normal, nothing to worry about.

Patient: dr. I found out that 2013 my gfr was 82, 2014 69 do I have to be worried

Patient: Is anyone the tree e

Doctor: Not to be worried as it is more than 60.

Patient: One last question, that was eight months ago, do you think it dropped, and what causes it to drop

Doctor: Only reports will tell, please go for the tests.

Patient: Are you saying that to put my mind at ease? Sorry

Doctor: A good medical practice is a mixture of many many things and we have to take into consideration the facts, the possibilities, the stress and the anxiety that a patient and we as Doctors bear.
Do not worry, I hope it will be normal as I mentioned the reasoning above.
Wishing you all the best and just relax till you get the reports and the results.
Take care….

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