I have a Plagiocephaly

Patient: I’m 17 years old and I have been living with a Plagiocephaly skull. Im a very athletic person and it scares me to play sports in front of people because of my head. I also have a big pointy lip(only top lip). I just want to live my life without any negative comments about how I look.

Doctor: Plagiocephaly is a condition in which the skull is slightly misshapen due to pressure either in utero or in the early po st partum period due to prolonged time on 1 side. The treatment generally involves early hemeting in infancy. Once the brain and skull have grown and fully developed, it is very difficult to reshape the skull in a safe way. Depending on the shape, we can sometimes flatten out small areas of frontal bossing (protuberances) by using a burr to smooth out the skull. This procedure would be performed by a craniofacial plastic surgeon.Unfortunately, without more description, i am uncertain about the lip deformity you are describing.