I have a question! Im worried, so me and my

Patient: I have a question! Im worried, so me and my boyfriend messed around on Valentine’s day, we didn’t have sex we just messed around. Throughout this he never “came” but he did have precum and I heard precum can have sprem in it. I’m not sure if the precum touched my vagina or got in. I take birth control I’m on my 2nd day on the second week! I forgot to take my birth control 2 days before we messed around but the day before we messed around I took that days and the missed one. On the day we messed around I took my pill hours before I saw him! could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The chances of getting pregnant with contact with pre-ejaculate are very minimal. On to p of this, you have taken the birth control pills, including the missed pills correctly. Hence, there is almost nil chances of you getting pregnant.Hope this helped.Regards