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I have a question regards to my bowel movements

Patient: I have a question regards to my bowel movements . I’ve been taking 125 ml magnesium at 9 PM in the evenings to help relax me to go to sleep . . I generally always kind of been constipated so the positive side effect of magnesium is that I’ve been having daily bowel movements . I just wanted to ask if my bowel movements shape and consistency is within the realm of normal . My bowel movement on the Bristol scale is around a 5. Soft medium size blobs . The texture is somewhat broken and not smooth. The bowel is passed easy with no pain. It’s is not diarrhea nor is it mushy. It does not require a lot of wipes and I am comfortable with it. I was just wondering if it is necessary to have a long s shape bowel daily or is this type ok as long as it’s not funny? Thank you



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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at I understand your concern.I have reviewed the image and the s tool looks absolutely normal. It does not have to be long as you mentioned.Normally long sized stool blobs indicate constipation and the shape occurs because of lack of water secretion in the bowel making the stool soft. When the stool is soft, easily passed, and happens everyday, it indicates absolutely normal bowel activities.You can ass probiotic capsules to your diet. It is a healthy addition to your diet and it will also ensure your stool and bowel always remains healthy.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Ok so it doesn’t have to be a smooth long in an S shape? It’s totally normal to have it be in pieces? I was confused when looking online. Thank you for helping with these embarrassing questions;)

Patient: So many websites state it needs to like a log is an s shape so there in lies my confusion. As long as it’s soft and easy to pass its normal correct? Thank you!!!

Doctor: Yes, it is normal to have it in pieces.
You may get contrasting information in various websites, so do not worry and always rely on an expert opinion, your stool is normal.

Patient: Thank you much appreciated!

Patient: One more question regarding this topic: when should you be concerned and go to doctor? Red stool or Diarrhea for days on end? Is it normal to fluctuate between constipation, normal and diarrhea? Thanks

Patient: Sorry i forgot to include this question in my original post. First time to this website. Please let me know if I need to pay more to answer this last question. Thank you

Doctor: Yes, we all go through phases of constipation and diarrhea.
You will need to visit the doctor if there is bleeding in your stool or blood diarrhea.


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