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I have a single bump on my penis its been

Patient: I have a single bump on my penis its been 3 weeks or so since unprotected sex a week ago i got treated for urithiritis and got 1g azithromyacin and a shot in my hip im really worried i have herpes i had nightmares all night long i went to a dr and he told me it didnt look like herpes but what els could it possibly be im not discrediting the dr but he just said doesent look like herpes and when i asked what it looked like he just said i dont know (money well spent huh) eitherway im terrified i ruined my life any words of advice would be helpful



Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD. The bump over your penis is certainly not Herpes. I If there are glands over the groin area ,then there are chances that you are suffering from sexually transmitted infections , If the bump is small & painless ,it may be start of genital wart.If the bumps break open or increase in size or very painful only then you should worry.please do not think unnecessary about this lesion.Regards



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Patient: Well looking down now there is two of them starting to form close togeather i do notice it it is barly painful but enough for me to not think abought it all day long

Patient: Im having a hard time uploading a photo of it i will keep trying

Doctor: Is it over tip or shaft of penis?

Patient: It wont let me send a picture i put one up and it just dissapears on its own before i can post it even if i hit comment it loads for just a second and goes away on its own and says please enter a comment its on the bottom of my penis abought half way up the shaft its not a hair follicle its up too far but its not on the head either its on the shaft on the bottom part i wish there was someway i can send you a picture of it can i send it to a email or something so you can see it please doc i could really use some help

Doctor: Send it to my personal email
[email protected]

Patient: Thank you very much i just sent 2 pictures

Patient: I hope you recieved the pictures im pretty scared abought all this i have a child too should i wear gloves all the time

Doctor: It appears that these 2 pimples contains mild amount of pus. Such lesions are bacterial infection known as pyoderma. Usually they heal itself even without any treatment. No need to worry.

Patient: Oh thank the lord in heaven in jesus name i pray thank god
I did take 1g azithromycin and got a shot in the hip it was abought a week or so ago could it be from lower immune system from the anti biotics and they do hurt slightly i cant help but constantly think abought it ive had std tests done and everyrhing was negative so thats good thanks for your time could it be weakend immune system and should i be worried if anyrhing els happens like more pop up or redness and there is a little pain thanks for your replys

Patient: I did get urithiritis tho thats what the azithromycin was for

Patient: I also looked up pictures and these dont really look like pyoderma from the pictures online?

Doctor: The pyoderma simply means any infection of skin containing pus. As one can see a bead of pus in lesions. Azithromycin was for your urethral infection


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