I have a small hard bump inside my clotoral hood,

Patient: I have a small hard bump inside my clotoral hood, it’s only on one side and is sometime tender to touch and will increase and decrease in size. When squeezed it will often secrete a white substance and other times it’s a clear liquid. I have had it for several years now. Any thoughts or ideas on what it could be?

Symptoms: Lump

I have a small hard bump in...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reading your detailed history and viewing the image attached, we are of the opinion that this could be an infected chronic cyst of the clitoral area. You will need to consult a gynecologist personally for an examination and confirm the diagnosis. In case of a cyst systemic antibiotics have to be started immediately and we will have to plan for excising the cyst. It will be a small day care procedure.Meanwhile, other investigations like blood and urine tests as well as culture and sensitivity test of the discharge must be done to rule out any STD .kindly do not worry. Wear cotton undergarments and loose fitting clothing. Maintain private hygiene.Feel free to write back.Hope this helped.Regards