I have a small lump over my left rib cage,

Patient: I have a small lump over my left rib cage, and I just noticed another one on my left pectoral muscle. The lumps don’t hurt and it doesn’t seem like they’ve grown at all. They are hard lumps and I’m wondering what they could be. Do you know what these could be? Are they swollen lymph nodes or tumors? I’m a healthy white male, age 35, and I’ve never had any health problems in the past.

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thanks for trusting us for your health care concerns.I have read your query in de tail and I understand your concern.Any round ball like swelling in this area of the chest can be any of the following:1. Lipoma2. Abscess/Boil3. Bone Cyst.You should get examined by your doctor. Clinical examination usually tells the diagnosis in such cases.Lipoma is harmless and nothing needs to be done for it. It requires removal only if it is causing any pressure symptoms, otherwise since it is just a collection of fatty tissue, it is harmless.You should get examined by your doctor.He will examine the lump, and if feels it is not Lipoma with take an excision biopsy out of it, and send it for histopathological examination.It can also be a bone cyst. Now, it will depend on its type that it requires treatment by excision or not.An abscess or boil require treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics like Amoxycillin. However, an abscess of a boil won’t be persisting for so long. I just mentioned it as one of the possibility but in your case scenario, it is least likely.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy