I have a small non itchy rash on my chin

Patient: I have a small non itchy rash on my chin. It could be allergic reaction to my acne cream. Also could be poison ivy. But could it be herpes??

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Itchy rash on the chin can be due to many diseases as you have rightly mentioned- the al lergy to anything, poison ivy and herpes.Herpes rash is very typical.I think it is better to apply nothing as most of the rashes are self-limiting.Please consult a Doctor as a visual impression of the lesion alone can get us the diagnosis.You can also post a picture attached to such a query so that a clear picture can give us an idea as to what it is.I hope this answer helps you.

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Patient: Okay. I guess it itches a little at times. But now my skin feels dry or like a scab. It also flakes off.

Patient: It also appeared on my cheek but very small.