I have a small red bump on the tip of

Patient: I have a small red bump on the tip of my penis. Pain when the bump is touched. It also hurts when my clothes rub against it. It appeared out of nowhere about 2 days ago. I had pain in the spot the night before the bump appeared. My Wife was just tested for all STDs + HIV (she is pregnant) and all returned negative. I was concerned it was syphillis. I was laying outside before the bump appeared, so I’m wondering if it’s a bug bite. I also have soreness in my pelvic region; like if a gland was swelling to fight an infection. There is only one bump, this is it. The size of a pinhead.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Since your wife is already tested and is negative, do not worry about the STD.Yes it m ay be a bug bite most probably.Just observe and see the progress. This is just a size of a pinhead you say, the body will take care of it .Do not apply anything locally please.Hope this helps you.