I have a strong tension headache in the middle of forehead

Patient: I have a strong tension headache in the middle of my forehead. It’s causing me to feel dizzy and it’s hard to focus. My head feels like it’s in a vice. My nose is very tingly. I have the feeling 24hrs a day

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We understand your concern.Based on the details provided by you following are the poss ibilities in your case:1. Migraine Headache.2. Chronic Tension Headache.It is important to differentiate between the two.Migraine headaches start from one side of the head and have associated throbbing, vomiting sensations, photophobia and phonophobia.Chronic Tension Headaches usually present with heaviness in the head, band-like sensation over the head with insomnia.You should see your doctor who would examine you and if feels will get a CT/MRI Brain done to rule out other causes of headache.Also, get your eyes tested.He will classify the headache and if it is Migrainous, treatment would be with the drugs like Flunarizine, Propanolol, Amitriptyline.Tension Headaches are treated with Amitriptyline, Escitalopram with behavioral modification treatment.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy