I have a sweating disorder and smelly problems

Patient: Hello I am 19 year old teenage boy. My life pretty much right now is ruined. I’ve been suffering for the past 3 years, for the reason you might not believe… my doctor didin’t. To begin with, let me tell you about my life. I am a “stinker”. In the school everybody made fun of me, they were bullying me, I had no friends, even teachers disliked me, I was the one that EVERYBODY hates, because they can’t stand near me or be with me. I had NOONE, because I admit, ant its reality, I really stink. I bathe 1-2 times a day, use deodorants, antiperspirants, yet I still stink. The cause of my unpleasant smell is my feet. Even though I wash my feet everytime I go out(I use soap), I dry them, I ALWAYS use clean socks, I buy shoes that allows the feet to “breathe”, yet still I suffer from this problem. It is so hard to explain, but the smell is so srong, that even when I haven’t removed my shoes, I stink like I’ve just removed my shoes after a long day. And it’s every single second of my life(Only when i wear shoes). I put my shoes on, 20minutes later I’m the most hated person in the world. It sounds absurd and I am crying right now as I’m writing this. It’s so hard to live like that and I don’t know If I’m still strong enough to live like that anymore. I’ve tried everything else, literally nothing helped. Sometimes I think that the God made my life a challenge for a reason, but it feels like I’m not prepared to live on like that. Especially now, because I joined University and I believed that everything is going to change. I sit alone in my room, sad and lonely, I see that people my age meeting new friends, having fun, enjoying each other. I wanna be happy like them and You are my last chance. If nothing will help now, my journey might end here. To tell more about my feet. They Don’t stink if I’m not nervous, and I’m not nervous only if I’m with my parents. Also my feet are “burning” when I wear shoes. They heat so bad that It gets really uncomfortable. And the veins in the feet look really big, bigger tjhan normal. Also my feet look like they swell a little and all red. I literally have tried everything I’ve searched online, for example: I’ve tried to soak my feet in water with salt, to soak my feet in tea, to put a little alkohol on my feet, various deodorants, my doctors presrcibed medicine (didin’t work at all), to “freeze” my feet with cold water before going out, to dry them as much as possible. Then it feels like it’s dry sweat, I still stink but my feet doesint feel really wet.I wanna thank you for your time and that this online thing “ask the doctor” gave me another hope to continue my life.P.S Sorry if I’ve made mistakes, English is not my main language. And I do exercise, play basketball, go to body building gym(I love there cause i use my slippers and I almost don’t stink).

Symptoms: Feet smell can be smelled 0-4 feet away from me (with shoes on), that’s why I am a stinker.