I have a torn and herniated disc in L4

Patient: I have a torn and herniated disc in L4 and L5 and I am hurting in my tailbone. This happened after I pushed a box across the room. I don’t dare go anywhere that I have to sit or stand over 20-30 minutes at a time. The only way I can get relief is laying down and then I’m still in some pain. Can you please tell me what is wrong?Thanks,

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.This is typical Lumbar disc prolapse. Pain is aggravated with flexion, rotation, or prolon ged sitting or standing and relieved in a recumbent position. Most patients with pain from the lumbar disc disease have resolution of their symptoms with conservative treatment. Medicines like Ibuprofen, Naproxen are helpful in relieving acute pain. Physical therapy, which may include ultrasound, massage, conditioning, and exercise programs and weight control are useful measures along with continuous bed rest and traction for 2 weeks. Patients with lumbar disk disorders who have not had a response with 6 weeks of conservative therapy may consider surgical intervention, such as Discectomy, Spinal fusion, etc. If symptoms are severe and not coming under control, consult an Orthopedician for further advice.Have a nice day.