I have a very low sex drive and im only

Patient: I have a very low sex drive and im only 17, usually dexuslly active. please help…. feeling lost.?Okay let me xplain.. I’m on my phone so try to just Make of the words. I’m 17 year old male decently attractive. I was dexuslly active while I was 15 and 16 and always got ***** and had sex drive and if I wanted a *****… I could get one. No problem. I got into a 10 month relationship. It had to end for reasons… ( almost came on here for help) but I saw a therapist to be able to see.my thoughts clearly. Anyways during our relationship we had sex a lot. Even 2 to 3 times a day when hanging out. I loved her she turned me on so much. During tjay time we took a month break. And I tried having sex with a girl as a rebound and I couldn’t get hard. At all. I figured it was because of my ex gf. The girl was very attractive and I wanted to. but we ended up getting bsck together and for some rrwaon I knew we would because I was convinced because I couldn’t have sex with another girl she must be rught for me. I was wrong. We broke up 3 months later. Which is now two weeks ago. This tkme it’s different. I know it’s for good and it didn’t work. So now I’m completely lost. I would feel okay if I could masterbate but j csnt even do that. I have 0 sex drive. It’s scaring me because I was a very sexu ally active kid. I know what will happen when I get in bed with a girl. I wsnt to be okay…… I’m anxious and scared and lost. I’m a fit kid too! No physical issues. Is it because I may be depressed or that I’m not over her? Or maybe depressed because I can’t even get hard. Idek pleaze help.