I have a very painful knot (that doesnt really feel

Patient: I have a very painful knot (that doesnt really feel like a knot but a stick, but I’m calling it a knot) on my tail bone, right above the end of it, the knot is off to the right a little bit, I’ve been to 4 doctors and not ove of them have done any exams or xrays. But all of them given me anti inflammatories and told me to use heat. And the pain is still there.Last week i went to another doctor over the very bad pain in my lower back and tail bone, and he desided to touch it to locate the pain. As soon as his finger touched my lower back i started sweating and got very nauseated, and my face got very very hot. He asked me to bend forword as much as i could with his finger still on my lower spine, as i leand forwars his finger went lower and i started crying out from the pain, and i made my mothers hand bleed from my nails digging into her hand without my knowledge, when the dotor put pressure on the “knot” my legs completely gave out on me and them when i finaly could stand the pain in ky back was worse.My brother said that he thinks i fractured my lower spine straight doen the middle from a 4wheeler crash i was in. No one has done test and i just want to know what someone else thinks. Thank you for your time.

Symptoms: Light headedness/head aches, back pain, weak legs, nausea(when its touched or moved to fast)

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood your history of pain on touch to the knot l ike stick on the low back to the tail bone, involvement in the accident and no has done an examination other the last Doctor.The possible causes are:- Infected pilonidal cyst or- fracture as your brother was suspecting. But in this condition you could not have been in a position to cause any sort of movements.I would suggest you the following:MRI of the involved area can certainly tell us the diagnosis and the plan for further treatment to get operated or any other treatment that will be needed.