I have a white bump with red swelling on the

Patient: I have a white bump with red swelling on the outer most of my vagina. It’s very painful and I want to know if there is any over the counter medicine for me to take that will make it go away? I read online that it might be a bacterial infection since I shave constantly down there. I got in the pool the other day and there may have been an open wound when I got in. If so, please email me with help. I can’t take this pain anymore.

Symptoms: Painful swelling bump on my vagina.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like you have developed a bartholin’s cyst or a folliculitis which is a hair f ollicle infection. It will need an examination form a gynecologist for the confirmation of the diagnosis. It may need a surgical excision depending on how large it is and how much of an infection is persisting. You will need a course of antibiotics and painkillers. Over the counter medications will not be of much help other than temporarily reducing pain.Hope this helped.Regards