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I have acne problems

Patient: Have been struggling with acne for 2 years now. i am 16 years old and i get bullied for my acne. i dont have acne all over the face, i only have acne on my forehead. please help me i need an answer ASAPi just want to wear make up to cover it. my mom told me about this powder make up, its called asepxia it clears acne and its also a powder make up. should i use it or noright now im using epiduo.


Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Acne is a cause of the hormonal changes during the puberty and hence is the m ost common problem amongst the teenagers. Asepxia contains salicyclic acid and can act as the anti-inflammatory. Using makeup can block the pores and further cause acne. I recommend a visit to the dermatologist who might prescribe anti bacterial cream to apply on the pimples in case of the pus filled pimples. Use anti- bacterial face wash that would help as well. Use of oil free face creams would further help reduction of the acne.Hope this information was useful.


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