I have acute bronchitis that won’t go away How do

Patient: I have acute bronchitis that won’t go away. How do I cure it without a doctor. Can’t afford a doctor, I have no transportation, and no insurance.

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”Allergies and viral infections commonly lead to bronchitis.is.Once bronchitis sets in it may take few months or season to change for regression of symptoms.Repeated episodes of bronchitis may lead to chronic bronchitis and then turn in to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.Your symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath and cough are typical of bronchitis.If you are spitting out greenish sputum and that could be the indication of bacterial infection, which has to be addressed promptly.You may also require antibiotics like amoxicillin, decongestants like cetrizine , bronchodilators like theophylline and etiophyllin , salbutamol and betamethasone inhalers etc.Stop smoking if you are smoking tobacco etc. Stay away from dust and fumes.Steam inhalation may help in relieving discomfort in such conditions. You should try inhaling hot and humid air and avoid direct exposure to cool air. You are advised to always bath with hot water and use hot water for face wash.Wish you good health!