I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, but the pregnancy test came back negative. Can I still be pregnant?

Patient: Since January my fiance and i have been having unprotected sex and recently we decided we’re going to begin trying for a baby.**The start of my last period was February 15th**For the last two weeks or so I’ve been having many symptoms of pregnancy such as:-weight gain-abdominal pain/slight cramping-peeing more often than usual-mood swings-headaches/migrains-back pain, mostly upper and mid back-some dizziness-very tired, usually multiple naps a day-craving certain foods-always hungry-some food aversions-white mucus discharge last couple days-tender breasts-more full breasts-extremely sensitive breasts-areolas bigger and slightly darkerAll of these signs were great but after multiple negative pregnancy tests it’s frustrating.This morning then I started vaginal bleeding. at first it was pretty heavy and dark/bright red and a bit sticky. later in the afternoon is started becoming lighter and tinted a light brown and extremely watery.What could all of this mean? i’m scared it could mean a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. or that I’m not pregnant, but if that’s the case then why do I have so many signs!

Symptoms: -weight gain
-abdominal pain/slight cramping
-peeing more often than usual
-mood swings
-back pain, mostly upper and mid back
-some dizziness
-very tired, usually multiple naps a day
-craving certain foods
-always hungry
-some food aversions
-white mucus discharge last couple days
-tender breasts
-more full breasts
-extremely sensitive breasts
-areolas bigger and slightly darker

Doctor: Thank you for your query.The best option for you would be to go to the doctor who will do a blood test called as &be ta;hCG to see if you are pregnant, she will also do a scan to see if there is by chance an ectopic pregnancy or intrauterine pregnancy, if the blood test is positive for pregnancy, base d on which appropriate treatment can be started off. If the blood test is negative for pregnancy then this may be your period.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day