I have alot of movement inside of me I’ve had

Patient: I have alot of movement inside of me. I’ve had positive and two negitive test. . One was at home the other was at the hospital. . I have two babies already so i know what it feels like to have a child moving inside of me. …when i lay down i feel like what is rolling over my hip and sometimes my ribs.. my belly is hard and a bit bigger… should i let it go or get a blood test and sonogram? ?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually fetal movements can be felt after around 18 weeks o f gestation and by that time uterus can be palpated per abdomen.To rule out the confusion, please go for ultrasound once.Ultrasound helps in finding out the possibility of pregnancy. In the absence of pregnancy, by seeing the empty uterus you can come out of the thoughts of pregnancy.Take care