I have always had bowel troubles, constipation and large har

Patient: I have always had bowel troubles, constipation and large hard stools. I usually only poo Twice a week. Well today I had loose stool, I had a cup of coffee(I’m caffeine sensitive and usually don’t drink any) so I Just figured the caffeine stimulated my bowel movement, as it has before. However, the rest of today I have felt the urge to go and gassy feeling, when I sit down to go I pass a little gass and there is a little bit of blood when I wipe. Not a lot but more than it has with a tear, and it has been consistent for the past 10 hours and I still feel this way. Any thoughts on what could be causing this bleeding and feeling?

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”Bleeding per rectum which is fresh and not mixed with stools ols suggest the source of bleeding lies in rectum or anal canal.Piles (internal haemorrhoids) are the common condition in which such bleeding is seen.There are various possibilities of having pain and bleeding in the anal canal.Pain is severe along with bleeding in anal fissure (cut/ crack) in the anal canal which may involve surrounding tissues.Other possible causes are polyp, perianal abscess formation, proctitis, anorectal fistula, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, cancer etc.You are advised to contact your doctor.Doctor may carry out proctoscopy to detect the cause of pain and treat accordingly.Wish you a good health.