I Have an Itching torso during Detox.

Patient: Over the last few weeks I have had itching all over but mainly my upper body. At times it is unbearable and feels like multiple needles being pushed into my body. I decided to detox adfter the summer and have not had a drink since the begining of September. Is the itching a result of detox as it started about three weeks afetr I stopped drinking? There is no rash.

Doctor: You have made the right step to stop drinking, I would encourage you to continue with your detox. Alcohol withdrawal sym ptoms usually start within 5 – 10 hours after the last drink and usually last for weeks. Itching is a part of the withdrawal symptom. Most common symptoms are anxiety and nervousness, irritability, fatigue, mood swings, sweating, clammy skin and decreased sleep.If the itching gets worse taking an over the counter anti-histamine or benadryl may help. Drinking plenty of water and good nutrition will help. If these don’t help you may need to see your physicain to test for elevated liver enzymes, which can also be the cause of your itching.There is a severe form of alcohol withdrawal called delerium tremens that can cause agitation, severe confusion, hallucination, fever or seizures. If you experience these symptoms then you need to see your doctor immediately.