I have an uncomfortable bump (under the skin) on my

Patient: I have an uncomfortable bump (under the skin) on my belt line (waist). When I went to the doctor to get it checked out, the doctor and I could not find it, but it appeared again the next day. The bump presses on my badder. What could it be?

Symptoms: Discomfort. Might be slightly constipated. Hurts when pressed on a few times.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I understand your concern.As per details, the most likely possibility for your symptoms is a condition of skin called Folliculitis. It is a bacterial infection of the skin involving the hair follicle. In such cases, I prefer to advise topical antibiotic cream like mupirocin 2 percent over the affected area.Get your blood sugar levels done.You may revisit your doctor so that he can examine you again.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.Take care.