I have an UTI and they sent it for culture

Patient: I have an UTI and they sent it out to be cultured and it came back gram positive for cocci strep pyogenes. Is this something that bactrim will cure or do I need to go back again. Also I was told it was an extensive uti. I lost about 8 lbs during this and have abdominal bloating. Is bloating from the uti?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Abdominal bloating sensation can be seen due to UTI itself a nd also due to the antibiotics used for UTI etc.As it is told as extensive UTI, better to go for ultrasound.Ultrasound can help in identifying the severity and extent of the urinary tract infection and management can be modified accordingly.With early and proper treatment urinary infection can be cured, you may need repeat urine culture and sensitivity to confirm this.Associated with treatment, taking adequate nutritious diet can help in increasing the weight.Take care.