I have Anemia, Could It Be Because of a Blood disorder?

Patient: I am a 21 year old female and my blood count has reduced from 13 to 10.3 in 3 years i fear it is something other than anemia do you think i could have any blood disorder i have breathing problem frequently

Doctor: There could be several factors causing your anemia. These could be due to your diet, certain medications that you are on , blood loss form stomach ulcers or excessive bleeding during menstruation, thyroid problems, chronic diseases and problems with the immune system.The symptom of breathing difficulty could be due to anemia but also could be due to a cardiac disease. You need to see you doctor for a thorough physical examination in which he/she may examine your entire organ system and send for further blood-work like CBC, ESR, B12, ferretin levels, kidney function and thyroid function tests to detect the cause.In the meantime I would suggest you to take a good balanced diet. I hope this information helps you, take care.